History of  VDM Diervoederfabriek

VDM Diervoederfabriek BV is a family company (four generations) and was founded in 1898. It sold many products needed by the farming industry. Klaas van der Meer took over the company after World War II. He managed the company until 1984, after which his son Jacob took over leadership. In the mid-nineteen sixties, Klaas van der Meer relocated the company to Drachten. Because he shortened his name, Van Der Meer, to VDM in his correspondence, this soon became the official name of the company. Since that time, VDM has been focusing exclusively on the production and sale of Cavom and the preparation of premixes.

Guaranteed Quality

VDM is GMP+ -certified. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) is a quality control system for the food industry. Inspections of the analyses, salmonella and best before dates are carried out on a weekly basis. Our ingredient suppliers are all GMP+ -certified. We still maintain an intensive entrance control.

Service and support

You can come to us for:

  • Questions about food for your dog; we will try to provide you with as much information as possible.
  • Information about where Cavom is available. Should there not be a retailer in your vicinity, we will ensure that Cavom will be delivered to your home at minimal cost.
  • If there are problems with your dog, we will try to find a solution; often problems are easy to solve.
  • Information about Cavom, by sending an information folder or test sample.


If you have specific questions about Cavom products, you may contact the VDM Diervoederfabriek.

Tussendiepen 1-13 
9206 AA Drachten

Phone:  +31(0) 512 51 59 55
Fax: +31(0) 512 51 60 50
Email: vdm@cavom.nl

Cavom, 7 years to full satisfaction

I feed my two Stabijhoun males (9½ and 6 years), both now over seven years to full satisfaction Cavom. For my oldest stabijreu now (9½ years), I have searched the right food for a long time. He got expanded chunks (inherited from the breeder) but they gave im the itch. In addition I did not like the expanded lump chunks. The pressed pellet from one brand was too heavy on the stomach and on the other end he suddenly did not want to eat anymore. Since I started feeding with Cavom, now more than seven years ago, I have a dog who eats it's foodtray daily with lot's of taste. He always has solid stool and a shiny coat.

I did not think long on what I would feed my new puppy / young dog, Cavom puppy / junior in the beginning and later Cavom complete.

In three months, I hope to welcome a third Stabijpup, which I want to put on Cavom too.


Mirjam van Geemert en Kwibus & Jari