How much Cavom does my dog need?

It is difficult to provide a general reply to this question. The required amount depends on the dog, breed and level of activity of your dog, among other things. People often forget that exercise is essential for their dog’s general development and health.  The best method is still to feed your dog by sight and adjust the amount as needed (and consult the feed table on the packaging). Spread this amount out over several meals a day.

In general, the following applies

A dog that is required to perform needs more food than a pet. Young, growing dogs and pregnant females need more food than usual, to be spread out over several meals a day. A small breed dog needs more food per kg of body weight than a large breed dog.

Because we only put pure meat into Cavom and no synthetic colour, aroma or flavours, all dogs love it. Do not over-feed your dog, but give him enough to still keep an appetite.

Please note!

Always provide fresh drinking water. Not too cold!
If you switch to Cavom, do it gradually, over a period of about 4 days.

Cavom is a complete food for your dog.

Good expieriences with Cavom

We have in our kennel 8 Kuvasz, two Chinese Crested Dogs (Powder Puff) and one Borzoi. We have placed several Kuvaszen with owners on breed when people on breeding conditions. The Kuvasz is a Hungarian Sheepdog. It is a yard guard which is loyal to his family. Occasionally we breed a nest. The search for suitable owners is a hard task. The Chineese Crested (Powder Puff) is a companion dog who likes to be with people. Previously, they were kept because they give off much heat and so was supposedly served as a pitcher. The Powder Puff is the long-haired variety of the Chineese Crested.

A Borzoi is a Russian Greyhound. Which was formerly held at the Imperial Court of Russia. They were taken on the yacht to chase away wolves and the like. We expect our first nest this year with the Borzois.
In 2003 we received a Kuvasz who had always eaten Cavom. This is what we fed him for the first year too. Then he was fed the food we always use for our dogs. Now we feeding our dogs Cavom again for the past 1 1/2 year. We have chosen Cavom because we had a good experience with this redeployment dog and we were looking for an affordable good food!

We carry Cavom Complete for the adult dogs and Cavom Puppy for puppies and our Chineese Naked Dogs. We carry Cavom Complete, because our adult dogs do very well on it. We feed the pups and the Chinese Naked dogs Puppy Cavom, because the lump is smaller. Our experiences with Cavom are quite good. The dogs look good in terms of volume and fur. Also important, their feces in less in quantity and have good structure.

Greetings, Ellen.