You may choose from a series of natural dog foods

Cavom compleet is a complete natural food for adult dogs.
Cavom compleet pup/junior is a complete food for puppies and growing young dogs.
Cavom compleet senior is a fully adapted food for the older dog.
Cavom compleet diner is a complete dinner for your dog.
Cavom compleet light is a complete food for overweight dogs or dogs that don’t get a lot of exercise.
Cavom compleet lam & rijst is a complete food for junior and adult dogs with a base of lamb and rice.
Cavom compleet midi is a complete food for adult small breed dogs.

In 2003 we received a Kuvasz who had always eaten Cavom. This is what we fed him for the first year too. Then he was fed the food we always use for our dogs. Now we feeding our dogs Cavom again for the past 1 1/2 year. We have chosen Cavom because we had a good experience with this redeployment dog and we were looking for an affordable good food!