Good dogfood

What is good dog food?

Good dog food is dog food that is fully balanced and is a natural product. A good balance of the various ingredients ensures high-quality food.

Good dog food has high caloric value. In addition, the enzyme action is very important: it supports the intestinal flora and makes it easier for the food to be digested. You can test dog food to see how good it is by paying attention to how much the dog needs to be fed and how much faeces is produced. Good dog food is the kind of food that your dog does not need a lot of and which produces only small amounts of faeces.

Synthetic antioxidants should be used as little as possible. It is much better to use bioactive antioxidants, such as vitamins E and C and other natural preservatives. These are good for the heart and blood vessels and increase the immunological defence mechanism of the intestines.

We manufacture a pressed granule dog food. The advantage of this procedure is that protein, vitamins, minerals etc. are not exposed to temperatures that are too high, which guarantees the quality of the food.

Cavom is a natural product, without any added artificial colour, aroma or flavours. This applies to the entire Cavom assortment. It is the ultimate natural food for your dog.









In 2003 we received a Kuvasz who had always eaten Cavom. This is what we fed him for the first year too. Then he was fed the food we always use for our dogs. Now we feeding our dogs Cavom again for the past 1 1/2 year. We have chosen Cavom because we had a good experience with this redeployment dog and we were looking for an affordable good food!